In the Washington metropolitan region, nearly half a million women and girls are living in or near poverty. We all have a stake in building the economic security of our region’s women and girls. The Women’s Foundation works to mobilize our community and provide solutions to eliminate the persistent barriers that disproportionately hinder women and girls from achieving economic security.

WPI releases personal reflections from giving circle founders, including African American Women's Giving Circle!

Personal reflections from women founders of the early giving circles are included in a new booklet just released by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at

829 posts later, a bittersweet farewell. #inspired #transformed

November 22, 2006, when I posted my first post to this blog, seems like a lifetime ago (not in a bad way).  And I know now

Rebecca Roberts: Join me and my mom for lunch on October 20th?

As journalists, my mom and I are often considered powerful women. But we know that true power comes from much more than a job

The Art League: One hour of media assistance has had a long-term impact on our work.

This spring, The Art League was fortunate enough to receive media assistance from The Hatcher Group thanks to The Women’s Foundation’s commitment to technical

Who says social change is slow? I blinked and nine powerful, inspiring years went by.

I blinked and nine years went by. Okay, my eyes were open most of the time, but it is truly hard to believe that

We'll give you a purse, you'll help us make change for women and girls!

You know how they say you should be the change you wish to see in the world? Well, now you can make the change

Giving circle reminds me that "we are they"…

There is something about being with a group of women and sharing the collective spirit of a common purpose that turns delight into magic

DCAF: Taking abortion activism to the Internet.

If there’s a time to tackle the virtual frontier, it’s now. DC Abortion Fund is a grassroots nonprofit that is 100 percent volunteer-run that provides

It's not always easy being green, but The Women's Foundation is trying.

A few weeks ago, a former staff member of The Women’s Foundation wrote us a thoughtful note in response to our annual report, wherein

$1.1 million in grants: We couldn't do it without you!

Have you ever noticed that when someone wins a Grammy or an Oscar, they always thank the myriad of people who have supported them