Washington Area Women's Foundation

AskHer Series: Addressing Our Black Maternal Health Crisis

Did you know? Black women in the United States face a maternal mortality rate nearly three times higher than their White counterparts. Despite medical advancements, racial disparities persist, with Black women often overlooked and marginalized by healthcare providers.

During this webinar, we shed light on the critical issues surrounding the health and well-being of Black mothers. Our session, featuring Jade Hillery, Doula & SRJ Advocate at Jade, The Doula! and Melody Webb, Executive Director of Mother’s Outreach Network, examined how personalized, supportive healthcare approaches can positively impact the lives of Black women, fostering informed decision-making and ensuring comprehensive care throughout their maternal journey.

We also explored actionable strategies, community-driven initiatives, and policy reforms aimed at mitigating disparities and advocating for fair access to high-quality perinatal care.

This session was moderated by Tamara Wilds Lawson, President and CEO of Washington Area Women’s Foundation.

Every birthing individual deserves equitable access to maternal health. As our growing focus on birth equity work continues, we invite you to join us in addressing the region’s maternal health crisis by making a gift to The Women’s Foundation.