Washington Area Women's Foundation

Read Our New Community Investment Report

In 2020, your support allowed us to move money into the community more quickly, reduce barriers and burdens in our investment processes, and provide greater flexibility and trust to our partners. Because of you – we’re excited to share our collective work over the past year in our 2020 Community Investment Report!

With your help, we awarded $1,025,550 in grants to more than 44 local community-based organizations and individuals. These investments have the potential to impact:

  • 3,000 early childhood educators and 40,000 families with young children throughout the region
  • 3,500 survivors of sexual or domestic violence throughout the region
  • 5,000 young women and gender expansive youth of color in DC.

This impact would not have been possible without you. We asked you to step up at a time when everyone was feeling overwhelmed and stretched thin. We asked you to trust us to leverage your donation with the donations of your friends, neighbors, and colleagues to create a more powerful collective investment in women and girls of color. And you answered the call.

With your support, we can deepen investments in organizations and leaders who are making an outsized difference for the women and girls they serve, creating a better region for future generations.

Read the 2020 Community Investment Report today: