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The Daily Rundown — The Latest News Affecting Women & Girls in Our Region

In today’s rundown: Nearly half of Americans don’t have economic security, according to a new report.  Guidelines on eating ethically are coming out in DC this week.  And almost half of men surveyed say they’d like to be stay-at-home husbands if their wives out earned them.

— Nearly half of Americans are living without economic security, according to a new report from Wider Opportunities for Women (WOW), a Women’s Foundation Grantee Partner.  According to the report, “43 percent of all households and 62 percent of African American households and 66 of Hispanic households have incomes that fail to reach economic security.”

— On Thursday, Restaurant Opportunities Centers United will release the National Diners’ Guide 2012.  The guide will help diners locate restaurants that treat their employees ethically.  Restaurant Opportunities Centers DC is a Women’s Foundation Grantee Partner.

— The majority of men are OK with women earning more money, according to a new study. Men’s Health and Spike TV found that 73 percent of men don’t have a problem dating a woman who out earns them; 45 percent of men say they wouldn’t mind staying at home if their spouses were the main breadwinners.